Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Verona in New Haven

The set of Romeo and Juliet by Jamie Burnett in Edgerton Park. Taken last night from the fountain, as we waited to see if the rain would fall or an audience would come. It didn't and they did.

floating Rumi

Last night I made a Bookcrossing book release of Chasing Rumi, by Roger Housden, in the lower basin of the Edgerton Park fountain. It's been a long time since I've set a book into the wild. I think this is my best release spot yet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

bad art night #1

Monday night was the first Bad Art Night, an impromptu gathering of me and my apparel designer friend Meg Gianotti in her Megwear studio. The idea is to pool old art supplies and make art with no purpose, no pressure, no expectations. It was even more inspiring and liberating then we imagined, and plan to make it a monthly party for a larger group.

Master Peter

Two heads in progress in the costume shop of Wesleyan University, for Master Peter's Puppets, a new show by Puppetsweat that will travel to the Kennedy Center in November 2005. I'm sculpting the monkey head, Don Quixote is by Leslie Weinberg and her crew.

Master Peter is based on an episode involving puppets from Don Quixote. It's a puppet show within a puppet show, with human sized puppets watching and operating smaller puppets, and will be performed to live music with an orchestra and opera singers.

Monday, August 22, 2005

vintage poetry

Karl found this poem folded and tucked into an outdated electrical box behind a wall in an old school he was rewiring. Why it would have been put there is a provocative mystery.

Living Death
At sixteen, and anything but sweet
The perfect girl, I thought I did meet

So young, so mine, with all her black hair
Until I found out, this love, I did share

It hurt me so, to learn how she lied
I swear, that night, for a thousand, I died

Hence, firmly I state, unmoved from Above
That ne'er again shall I [fall] believe in Love

Tho' sound in body & sound in head
I know inside, my heart is dead

Anonymous [Wilfred Johnston Svinley added in different ink]

I would love to find the author, though I suspect it's a false name.

Ah, love!