Thursday, September 30, 2010


Muses come to the spirit, and the spirit is the crossroads of the mind and the body. Inspiration is felt in the hands as much as the head. The fingertips ache to push into clay while the mind can see a form as if it already exists. It swells in the belly and the chest, and not answering what wants to be born will cause trouble and physical pains. Fingers cramp, thoughts scatter. Best to follow what calls. I've got an absurd number of projects going on, but I'm a taut string that can't resist the vibration. Especially with this: playing the saw in a great little show called Vaudevillain, and trying out my fiddle again after finally getting its bridge fixed. The saw needed a heap of de-rusting, so do I.

Meanwhile the rug still wants to grow, a few stitches at a time, and the kitchen is looking like someplace you'd buy really good cheese, except for the bathtub in the middle.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hipstamatic renovation

The fall has me burrowing down deep to re-feather my nest, and I obsessively take pictures of it with the Hipstamatic application on my new iPhone.

Friday, September 17, 2010

spirals and the practical hands of destiny

Fortunate I am to have lots of friends with worn out pants. I lost count of how many are in the rug now. I'll keep going until I can beg no more jeans, or the rug is too heavy to move. The stitching tires my hands, as does the tedious painting and re-making of my kitchen. But bit by bit the spiraling path seems a little less stormy.

The woman in this video is able to say what I think about hands and spinning things much better then me. Listen: