Saturday, March 26, 2011


I've been away from Antinomia due to total immersion in a big project. Luna's Sea is a feature length puppet and dance show I'm creating for Cornerstone Theater and the Mystic Aquarium. Luckily, I have some really talented and generous friends helping out, because with this one I'm in way over my head. As in, at the bottom of the ocean! It's great.

Luna has her own blog over here, and a facebook page here.

A photo from rehearsal, with Luna resting after a long session of being tossed by waves.

Friday, March 25, 2011

art show

Jennifer Duff came upon my blog a few months ago when she was looking for information about making braided jean rugs, and it just so happened she is a gallery owner with an interest in children's art, and it just so happened I live about 5 miles from her gallery. I love the internet.

She graciously gave me the opportunity to have a solo show this month at her space, the Davis Gallery. I took full advantage and made it a retrospective with 37 originals from all 7 books, two Cricket Magazine covers, and a few from Peaceable Kingdom cards and posters. Counting up the years in order to properly title the show, "Painted Pages: 15 Years of Children's Book Art" was a little daunting. So was the framing, so I called my mum who cheerfully came down and matted all weekend. We took over pretty much the whole house.

The show is really nice and so is Jennifer's family who helps her run the gallery. My work is up in the main space until April 11, and stays in the second gallery until May.

My mum never lets me take her picture, but Pip does!