Monday, November 21, 2005

Kennedy Center

Saturday morning rehearsals. Everyone is tired from a long Friday of travel and puppet preparation. The Terrace Theater stage has different dimensions then the Wesleyan stage we've been working on for months, and there are dreadful wheel-catching grooves in the floor. Turning the cart takes on new dangers. Every move by puppet and puppeteer must be re-figured.

First photo, Bob Bresnick (director) and Jack Carr (lighting designer) in the house while students readjust to the stage. Second photo, Johann and Jess with The Boy. Third photo, Garrett, the muscle behind the heavy Master Peter.


Mo'a said...

What a wonderful and exciting life you have. I always had a dream of taking part in a puppet show. So you see, you are living two of my other dream is illustrating children's book. Someday, the meantime, I am happy that I know you :) and that you are using your many talents. Your's is a life well lived.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

It's nice to know that anyone even reads this blog! You are very sweet, Mo'a. Becoming a puppeteer is just a matter of convincing your beautiful dolls to get up and move!

It has been an unusually exciting year.