Sunday, February 19, 2006


A sketch for a magazine cover that was rejected. This is stressing me out. Not just because the final is due in a week and I don't have an approval yet (this is bad), but I'm frustrated with not finding opportunities to work with the subjects I'm most interested in. I once thrived on the challenge of working within limitations, I'm not sure why I don't so much anymore. Maybe there's too much of my own stuff in my head, maybe my hands are tired and I've gotten cranky.

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Cafe Mud said...

dear Linda,
is this your name? I enjoyed your blog a lot. I am an artist from poland, at school I specialized in book design and illustration, and did that for a few years here in us, mostly I freelanced for advertising, some big ones, didn't find much creativity there, but a lot of money for a while. Now I own a cafe near Northwestern University here, this is my blog. I designed and built the place myself, it is fun to run, we have some live music and other stuff, you may find some of my artwork on the walls there if you are patient enough to look through the archives. Anyway, some of your stuff reminds me my early work, similar thinking. I think it would be nice to get acquainted if you don't mind. You seem very interesting and as I said earlier I really like some of your stuff.