Friday, September 29, 2006


A non-blogger who is uncomfortable with my blogging asked me why I blog.

My doll club suggested we all get one to promote our doll work, but when I saw how easy it was to load images I turned it into a pictorial journal for my mom and myself, a place to gather all the strange ecclectic things I'd been doing so she and I could reflect on why I did them, and how the separate, conflicting parts of my life might work together as a harmonious whole. Hence the Latin name antinomia, "against law", giving root to the word antinomy: "an apparent contradiction between valid principles or conclusions that seem equally necessary and reasonable."

Then I showed it to a few friends who I'd featured in the posts, and a few more found it on their own. Then some total strangers came upon it and gave me advice, encouragement, and a few leads. And since I have a habit of always looking for guidance from whoever and whatever is around me, the blog took on that habit too.

When I blog I'm either stating an intention, or asking for suggestions, and always always looking for synchronicities and chance meetings with people who may be holding a piece of the puzzle I'm still looking for. And maybe provide a piece of someone else's puzzle too. And I'm also showing off sometimes. Yes, I do that. ;)

Now the blog is already over a year old. (Amazing.) I've gone back to look at all my adventures, work, complaints, joys, friends. It helps keep my scattered self on track somehow. I'm so grateful I have it.


Veda said...

I think this image you used today is wonderful.
Keep blogging sista!

Anonymous said...

love her face . . . .


the non-blogger said...

You misrepresent my attitude; not uncomfortable so much as bemused by the impulse to public (somewhat) meditation, even if highly edited.

Even Anne Frank was in the process of reworking, cleaning up, and improving her diary when she was so suddenly interrupted

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Ha ha! Who says I was talking about you, non-blogger?

Drats. Now everyone knows I edit!

You should get a blog.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Thank you Veda and Me!

mimi K said...

I love when people talk about why blogging. I have found it to be one of the more satisfying things I do in my life- keeping a public record of my artwork. Just to watch the list of months in the archives is so pleasing!

non-blogger said...

HA, HA How do you know its me, the person who thinks you're referring to them when you're not, as opposed to me the person you're actually referring to?

Mo'a said...

October 31st will be a year for me. I remember you walking me through how to start.....always grateful for your help.
I have sold eight pieces of my work through my blog and I am pleased with that.
I am on a new project of introducing other artists to my readers....I think most will be doll artists and children's book illustrators, as those are my favorite kind of artists. My first favorite artist blog is up now.
I want, I need, I want, one of your origitnal art work pieces....cannot come to New Haven, will be out of the country....let me know when it goes on e-bay.
Happy First are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Congrats on your first year! I've enjoyed your blogging, why? because I really enjoy your art and writing style too, I'm grateful-so grateful you edit your words. I've viewed one too many blogs that drone on and on and are really just stupid blather, but your blog as well as two of my other favorite artist's blogs and as synchronicity would have it, they're both posted in this comment section Mimi and M'oa!
I find good blogs are like good websites few and far between.

I guess the only downside to blogging is receiving creepy anonymous posts.
Suzanne in CT

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Thank you Mimi, Mo'a (who I haven't seen in ages and miss very much) and Suzanne. I love so much getting comments. Thank you!

Non-blogger, I will find out. I am a stalker as well as a blogger.