Monday, August 06, 2007

traveling show

I bought this rolling toolbox last year for my puppet class supplies. Over the summer it turned into my traveling show box.

Everything fits perfectly into it, the books, puppets, table set up, and my dance shoes.

The last show I did was in an outdoor courtyard with no wall to tape my 6 x 6 foot paper to, so Karl designed and built me this wall, which is 2 theater flats clamped together and mounted onto feet. It's light weight and fits in my Oldsmobile sedan.
I used to dream about being a traveling gypsy performer, especially the part about having a show that packed up neatly and moved around. I love sets that come apart, and boxes, and fitting things into boxes. I'm sure it's my grandfather's influence again. And my mum, who loves organization.

Petula always takes keen interest in my projects.


Anonymous said...

I think Tulla is hungry for a capacitor.
Nice to see new pictures.

Libby Koponen said...

This is so cool, especially the fish puppets and box and folding wall!

I too have always had the fantasy of being a traveling writer, with a few necessities packed into one light bag...laptops with WIFI make the writing piece easier, though I still dream of owning something tinier and lighter, with a full keyboard. I still curse myself for not getting the rubber, roll-up, wireless full keyboard I saw once at a computer sale for $5!

Linda S. Wingerter said...

You are a wizard with efficiency, Libby!

And yes, Tula would like to eat a capacitor. Alas, there are only markers in that box.