Friday, December 21, 2007


The winter of 2007 has been wonderfully full, too full to blog about yet. To fill in the gap, here is one of my all time favorite paintings, Fra Angelica's Annunciation at the top of the staircase of the San Marco monastary in Florence. When I first saw it 12 years ago it knocked me over, and it continues to whenever it pops up, which it often does at the most interesting times and in the most interesting places.

Happy holidays to all!


Libby said...

Linda! Thanks for posting this. I love it too...what is the ribbon around the porch for? screens? curtains?

Merry Christmas!

suzanne.artist said...

Hi Linda,

Fra Angelica was one of my favorite painters back in my Art History days. He seems to have been a gentle spirit who's paintings absolutely glow, esp. when viewing on a a large screen in a darkened room.

And I'd like to tag you again! this time to list 25 of your all time favorite movies-or as many as you can remember in the time you have!

I listed more than 25, and I'm sure left out way too many. . .

Suzanne (ODACT) in CT