Saturday, July 12, 2008

red panda

Somewhere I just read, Rule #1 of the Independent Woman: Don't Go To Art School. I hope that's not true. 

Just in case it is, here is this photo of a red panda that makes me inexplicably cheerful. 


ChatRabbit said...

Wow- seriously bipedal!

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Seriously, isn't he awesome? Not a bear, but still called a panda, or a fire fox!

Dawn Alice Rogers said...

Yeah, well I've read chocolate isn't good for you, but I eat it anyway! Don't believe what you read!

suzanne.artist said...

Well, how independent is a woman if she lacks the courage to follow her heart?

Speaking of pandas we saw Samantha Brown on the travel channel the other day, she was in China. She went to a panda bear zoo/nursery i.e. a place where they keep the breed healthy and propagating. YOU WON"T BELIEVE HOW CUTE the NURSERY WAS!! Sleeping in incubators on their blankys.

And Samantha got a chance to hold a bear herself as she called it her own live teddy bear-chopping on a bamboo stick of course.