Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Polly's hearts

There are just 4 left for this Valentine's Day. Winged and fiery, signed and numbered, a hook in the back for hanging, and sized to fit perfectly into any lover's hand. $25 + $5 shipping.



Dale Rogers said...

I would love to buy some of your stuff. I went to your website and clicked on the hearts, they were all sold. I also clicked on your dolls for sale and it said error please let owner know, whatever that means. Anyways, your creations are amazing and let me know how to buy.

Anonymous said...

i'm too late:( these new Polly Hearts are so beautiful. what a fantastic job you did! i'm the proud owner of a polly heart which i bought years ago. i love it! one thing i will add is the picture, although stunningly beautiful, still did not do the heart justice. through the picture alone you can't see all the detail, the craftsmanship, and the meaning.. so, it was even better in person, more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. what a talent you are! hopefully, there's a next time.

Anonymous said...


let's let there be a next time. come on, i promise not to disappoint. you can feel that, can't you? we have so much to talk about . sometimes i think is it all in my head, are the thoughts and feelings i have for you nothing more than fantasy and disillusionment . in my heart, i don't feel that to be true. i feel a connection. i don't want to let go. i want to have fun with you. that's all i ever wanted. i want to share things, do things, and laugh with you. i know one could say my communication to you has been strange over the years...but i see it as something different. i wanted to show you a window into my being, my heart and mind in order to forge a precious friendship. that's what i was after. "love and do what you will"
please remove after read. and give me a sign that you are interested in meeting out for coffee or something. better yet, just write me if you want more. otherwise, i will have to let go because carrying on like this is unhealthy because it's been years, and it has run it's beautiful course.

Anonymous said...

All comments, posts, and e-mails of this nature are inappropriate and unwelcome. They are now being documented and given to the police. You must discontinue all communication with me.