Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ringing in the new

I don't wear much jewelry, but since I wore through my Sator Square sundial ring I got for 5 bucks in Rome many years ago, I've been purchasing some small wearable token every couple of years when a new phase is beginning. Usually these are found on drifts, wandering through stores with a vague idea until synchronicity leads me to the thing I know is meant for me. Most I've found at my friend Raphael's mesmerizing Group W Bench in New Haven. This time I had something very specific in mind: a hand made ring with a winged heart. Not finding one in town, I got obsessive on the internet. There were some nice manufactured versions, but none felt authentic enough. Then I found Jen Hilton's website, and there it was, delicate, modest, lovely, in the size I was seeking. Jen makes her jewelry the way I look for jewelry, and it shows. This little ring was made to be on my finger. Thank you, Jen! I've added her to my Makers links on the right.

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