Saturday, July 27, 2013

how to make a statue

Step 1. Become a blank slate.

Step 2. Find junk in your house and put it on.

Step 3. Paint everything grey.



Valena said...

Love it!

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

Hello Linda. My name is Clive Hicks-Jenkins and I'm an artist, puppet-maker and animator. I was introduced to your site by Rima Staines from Devon, who is an enthusiast for your work, but I didn't get around to leave a comment until now. (Pressure of work, deadlines etc.)

At my own slog, I'm holding an online exhibition project. It's being guest curated by puppet enthusiast Peter Slight, and the basic idea is that a bunch of people have elected to take part by making a puppet on the theme of fairy-tale/myth/folklore. It can be any kind of puppet: Rod, shadow, marionette, glove, table-top... you name it. And the deadline is end of June. There, that simple.

There are some massively interesting contributors taking part, and if you take a stroll at the Artlog, you'll get the general picture. Please join in by leaving a message for Peter or me in a comment-box, and we'll add you to the list. And keep watching the site, because we'll be posting many puppet-related items along the way, including inspirational images and interviews with makers and puppeteers. We'd love to have you on board. It's just a fun project really, but it will be a great opportunity to see stuff, air views, make connections and get creative without any pressures.