Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Tired of the humidity, rt 95, and other troubles that plague me in CT, on Sunday I dropped everything and flew to Naples, Italy, and took the ferry to the beautiful Isle of Capri. The weather was bright and breezy. There were lemon trees, white washed cottages decorated with cobalt blue ceramic tiles, and everywhere I went people spoke a language I could not understand, which came as great relief. Every thing I ate was freshly picked, and I spoke no words except "grazie", and "bonjourno", and "bella".

Actually, it was just Long Island, where I had family matters to attend to. But it was a lovely day, the food was good, and the ferry ride was pretty relaxing.


Brett Pilkerton said...

Ché immagine bella principessa. You had me going there for a second. I got all jealous and whatnot :) Good to hear you got some reprieve from it all. Hope to see you soon, I miss you.

Ciao mia principessa, e buona fortuna con tutto. ;)

Brett Pilkerton said...

O` and I forgot to mention that I might've flown right over you Sunday since I was on my way to Block Island then. Wish I'd have known, elsewise I would have done a flyby :)

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Bonjourno e grazie mio amico bello. I fooled you after all then?

Boun volo mio principe. Mi manchi tanto.