Tuesday, March 27, 2007

blue roses

I've been hanging with my Blue Roses a lot lately since I can drive again. Four of us gathered in Mystic at Libby's bright new yellow apartment right after my surgery. Here is Alvina, Libby, and Anna on the Mystic bridge.

I am very lucky to have these women in my life. I'm ever amazed by the support, inspiration and friendship that is shared among these six very different people. The Blue Rose roots started in children's book publishing but have grown much deeper then any group or club.

Alvina posted about me and my secret scarabs on the Blue Rose Blog. I was wondering why this discreet blog suddenly got so popular. Anyone who knows Alvina can imagine how especially flattering it is to be written about by her.


Libby Koponen said...

I feel lucky to be included -- and I think that how different the 6 of us are (and the endless ways you can sub-type us) adds to the fascination. I haven't had a GROUP of women friends since I left boarding school, and the BRGs are inspiring and supportive and just plain FUN....quite a great (and unusual?) combination!

Although I still struggle with how much time it's appropriate to spend online emailing and blogging (no answers to that one yet!), and it takes me awhile to settle down after one of our get-togethers, once I have settled down I always write a lot MORE.

The battle for balance between solitude (needed to write) and beiung with people (also needed) is always hard for writers and ALL artists, probably. Being friends with other artists makes it so much easier: they understand when you don't answer emails, can't see them, or leave your keys in your car miles away from your house when they've driven you home for lunch.

Thank you, Linda. I love this blog! It makes me laugh and think.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Oh Libby! Especially the keys part!
BRG would never have been the same without you.

alvina said...

I don't think I realized that the scarabs were secret, so I'm sorry for outing you! I love all the amazing things you do, and love this blog because I can read all about your imagination.

Mo'a said...

It is so good to hear that you can drive again...this way you can connect with like minded friends :)
I loved the article that Alvina wrote about you. My dream is to find one of your treasures...come to think of it I have!!! You and your blog.