Friday, April 06, 2007


My hand is doing great. I still have to tend to it constantly, and it hurts more as it heals more, so I continue to be under the spell of pain medication. I'm having a lot of trouble remembering things, keeping a train of thought going for more then a minute, following directions, or making it to appointments at the right place and the right time. I apologize to everyone and beg your patience a while longer.

But slowly but surely I'm making my first steps back into the world of the functioning. With it comes a lot of reorganizing, catching up and making decisions. I am relearning how to write and draw, and how to speak again, which strangely I couldn't do while my hand was stuck. The blog is taking a backseat while I figure all this out. Please stand by.


ChatRabbit said...

Put all those pieces back together at your own pace'll be better for the journey later.

Dawn Alice Rogers said...

wow. you are rebuilding yourself. what an amazing time of your life. i'm looking forward to meeting the new you on the other side of this process. lotsa love.

annie said...

Best wishes with healing. The grogginess could partly be due to the change of seasons, too, along with everything else. Early spring shakes things up a bit. Any change does, doesn't it?

Blogging can be a good way to ground yourself. Or keeping a private daily healing journal. Perhaps you'll find your voice there.

Your art is wonderful as is your writing. Perhaps you're moving more into that direction. For a while at least. Take your time.
Take care.

linda said...

Thanks guys. This blog and all my amazing friends are crucial in my rebuilding, for certain. I'll be back to posting soon.