Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sunny spots

I stole this photo from the Blue Rose Girl blog. This Sunday I went to Libby's in Mystic with all the other Blue Rose Girls for brunch and roller skating. Libby's sunny apartment by the water has become my fondest haven. Life has been rushed, hectic and confusing, and I've been keeping a nocturnal schedule and not seeing much daylight. But for a few hours I felt as wonderful as it looks in this picture. Yellow walls, yellow mimosa, yellow Alvina socks! See the official BRG recap here.


jwings said...

you are so lucky to be near the sea and sun.
the snow has reached almost to the top of my windows tonight and I don't think the sun will ever shine again.


Libby Koponen said...

Oh, Linda, thank you! Reading this made me feel much sunnier...that was a happy day! And thank you for what you say about my apartment: today is a sunny day too and this post makes me appreciate it more.

Suzanne said...

One should always drink their orange juice from a wine glass, it's the little amenities in life that celebrate the bigger picture, n'est pas?