Monday, October 20, 2008


A prelude to the 6 sewing machines.

This is my father's mother, Ann, from who most of the sewing machines are from. She and my grandfather Bill started off in Roselle Park, New Jersey where they had my dad. They moved to upstate New York where Ann started a business as a dressmaker and seamstress. She seemed to be busy with work and lived a modest life in a small house after her son and husband passed away. It was unexpected money she left me that allowed me to buy my house and try to make it as an artist.

8 years later I'm trying to save this house by selling off some of her things and taking any jobs I can. The two most recent jobs, synchronistically, were stitching jobs, one with ElizaB, another at Yale. And though I am overcome with guilt for not having done better with the generous gift she left me, while I work at making straight stitches I take pleasure in thinking about how she loved sewing as much as I do, and how pleased she'd be about the skills I've learned. 

Pictures of Ann, Bill and my dad in Roselle Park and at the beach. They were a pretty good looking couple, and impeccably stylish. 


jwings said...

one tiny correction . . . Roselle Park is a town of its own. Not part of Newark! Actually closer to Elizabeth. They lived near 5 corners, which had the best hot dog joint in the world.


Linda S. Wingerter said...

Ah, got it, correction made.

Anonymous said...

How nice for you that you have these wonderful pictures of your family.