Thursday, January 08, 2009

what I want

A couple months ago Wilson broke one of my favorite glasses, one from a set of four with phrases by Jenny Holzer that I have always adored, long before I even knew the coolness of Jenny Holzer who projects words on cities, like in Providence a while back. 

The four are:
the most profound things are inexpressible
boredom makes you do crazy things
you are guileless in your dreams
protect me from what I want

It was "protect me..." that Wilson decided to knock over. 

The glass is still sitting dangerously sharp and fragile on my studio windowsill. I stare at it for long periods each day from my desk. 


suzanne.artist said...

Beautiful, will have to check out this artist's work.

I like the quote about from what I want. Having had to work for everything and not getting what I wanted-I received profound experience.

Mo'a said...

Happy New Year Linda.
Perhaps this is a omen...telling you that it is alright to want...especially when you work for it.