Monday, October 09, 2006


On Saturday I went on an extensive drift, a solitary wandering meditation guided by whatever falls on the path. I was looking for resonant symbols and hoping to find old friends despite anxiety from mild prosopagnosia. Luckily five of them found me and we spent the evening commiserating on the old problem of art vs security and taking advantage of the abundant free food and alcohol all over the RISD reunion weekend campus.

Providence revealed a hundred oddities and wonders. From mobile art, to the fruits of the strange garden of Wunderground; from the opening of the impossibly grand new library, to the haunted passages of WaterFire. Illuminated poems emerged from the water. Secret neon animals hid behind peepholes. I left my rollerskate necklace in an offering bowl as thanks.


Anonymous said...

So did you solve "the ancient problem of a art vs security"? I gotta know


Linda S. Wingerter said...

Absolutely not. Apparently you have to wait for your 25th anniversary to have that solved. Though I think a lot of the 25th year alumni there that night may have been faking it.

liz said...

Linda, I wish I had run into you on Sat! What an amazingly good day it was- I wonder if the current students know just how much nicer the whole school and Providence itself is now, compared to what it used to be like. It was quite a pit when I was there. But, alas- they have closed down The Pit, which was one of my favorite places to drink tea and hide.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

LIZ!!! Wow!!! I knew I must have missed people!

It was much smellier and much less nice back then. Did you see the freakin library? The Pit is closed?? What the-- ??