Thursday, October 13, 2005

the metal factory

Ah, the mysterious smells and bio hazard signs of an old abandoned New Haven building. It's October, and City Wide Open Studios season again. Last year I was stuck in a tidy little school, far too appropriate for my work. I prefer decay and grime and lab equiptment to juxtapose against my fairy tale paintings.

This year 300 of us will be exhibiting all kinds of visual and performance art at the gigantic Olin Metals Factory building off Dixwell Avenue. It's terrificly run down and full of contraptions. October 29-30, food and festivities will be there too. This will be my fourth (!) year with City Wide, my first year as a site coordinator.

At the factory, fellow coordinator and incredible artist whose work graces my own house, Tony Baloney.


Tony said...

Hey Linda! Look how small I am compared to that huge factory we were in! Also on yer blog in the "Crowed" pic, The guy in front with the red shirt is Aidan Moran! He's exhibiting with me at the Hygienic Gallery in New London on New Years Eve! It was grrrrreat working side by side with ya and I look forward to many other artistic adventures together! You are very talented and you are the nicest Illustrator in the world! Don't ever change! Keep pushing your art! PS - Thanks for da link!

Linda S. Wingerter said...

You may look small in the picture, but all who've met you know your shining personality is bigger even then Olin. Glad to know who one of my visitor is, can't wait for your Hygienic show!
You are too sweet.