Monday, October 30, 2006

CWOS 06: Nurse's Office

The Nurse's Office residents: Barbara Hocker, Matthew Feiner, Rebecca Strom, and myself. I loved these three, their work, and sharing a space with them.

Photos from the weekend: visitors must walk through Barbara's shadow forest to find me, Matt's intense 5 year scrapbook room, Rebecca's laundry lines, my collages, a man being mosaic-ed.

Wearing rollerskates the whole weekend promoted the roller derby while enabling me to see exhibits down neverending school hallways. I sold a lot of paintings, I met a lot of new people. Friends from every one of my many circles came out: puppeteers, dollmakers, rollergirls, firespinners, artists, electricians, theater people, church people, RISD people, publishing people, people who know me only from the blog, people who know me only from myspace. It turned out many of them knew each other, or enjoyed meeting each other. Circles overlapped and merged. Any remaining boundaries between Polly's and Linda's life were eradicated. Thank you, everyone!


Mo'a said...

Oh!!How I wish I could have come. I need, I want one of your original art pieces :)
Today is my one year blog anniversary. I mention you in my post today....I want to thank you again for your help in getting me started :)
I see Suzanne in one of the photos :) Glad you had a successful show.
I love the new photo of you with the aviator hat.

Dawn Alice Rogers said...

Oh this looks so cool! I wish I could have come! Did you feel schizophrenic with your worlds colliding? Aren't you so great having many varied facets to your life! I am hoping to come to the NEST art show and see you there.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

Mo'a, happy blog anniversary! There are still many pieces left, and the website is on its way.

Dawn- it was very strange at times, and I'm still exhausted from it. Socializing takes a lot of energy to begin with, being that I am at heart a shy hermit. But in the end I felt a sort of conclusion seeing that all my worlds could exist together in at least one little block of space and time.

I'd love to get the doll club back at City Wide. Years like this are so much better then Barnard was.

Suzanne Urban said...

Hi Linda,
I may consider CWO next year, and hey there M'oa!

Dawn, hope you can make it to the NEST!



Grace Lin said...

kathy keefe looks exactly the same as she did 10 years ago...

your booth looks really great, wish we could've been there to buy up some art!